Jane Telford Art encompasses paintings & drawings, artwork for film & TV, murals and illustration.
Paintings in Downton Abbey exhibition in Florida https://www.downtonexhibition.com

Previous Commissions include:

2017 Darkest Hour, 2012 Anna Karenina, 2007 St Trinians, 2006 Penelope, 2006 Alien Autopsy, 2005 Mistress of Spices, 2005 Mrs Henderson Presents, 2003 Piccadilly Jim, 2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 2002 Dirty Pretty Things, 2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, 2000 The Little Vampire, 2000 The Calling, 1999 Entrapment, 1998 Bedrooms & Hallways, 1998 Cousin Bette, 1997 Mojo, 1997 Snow White - A Tale of Terror, 1996 Unknown Things, 1996 Wind in The Willows, 1995 Carrington, 1994 Uncovered

2017 The Innocents, 2017 Downton Abbey Exhibition, 2013 The Royals, 2102 The White Queen, 2009 Foyles War, 2008 Four Seasons, 2007 City of Vice, 2006 Harlot's Progress, 2000 Remorseful Day, 2000 Crimesquad, 1998 Dark room, 1997 The Painted Lady, 1997 The Woman in White, 1997 Tom Jones, 1996 Rebecca, 1995 Bedlam Britannica, 1995 The Affair

Samsung, Adidas, Sony Playstation

Music Videos
Madonna, Charlie Watts

Safety curtain for Hackney Empire to original design

Book Illustration
2015 Tomas Loves, 2013 Can I tell you about Autism? 2012 Can I tell you about Dementia? 2004 What did you say? What do you mean? 2003 Can I tell you about Aspergers Syndrome?

Nortel, Museum of London, Trustehouse Forte and Covent Garden General Store

Exterior Murals
Commissioned by Creative Partnership, Cleaner Westminster Campaign, Artists International and Schools,

Commissioned Paintings
Q.E.2, Grand Hotel Nurenburg, Rendez Vous Casino at Park Lane Hilton, London Clacton and General District Hospital